Efficiency, Professionalism and Effectiveness

Will Corley
William R. Corley, Psy.D., CPCC
Wendy Hanson
Wendy Hanson, M.Ed., CPCC

At Corley Hanson our business is helping your business work better … at all levels … through a unique blend of customized:

  • Coaching
  • Speaking
  • Facilitating
  • And Team Building

Whether you are planning a fundamental new business direction, creating change, trying to get employees to work more productively together or simply want a speaker who can address your company or association, Corley Hanson can help you do it more efficiently, more professionally, and more effectively.

Founded in 1999, clients range from large multi-national companies to small local businesses and non-profit organizations. Service is highly personalized and attuned to plans and programs which meet a clearly defined set of goals.

Some goals we have helped companies achieve are:

  • Restructuring departments
  • Setting up effective meeting structures
  • Building collaborative leadership teams

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