Create a Successful Business Culture

Will Corley
William R. Corley, Psy.D., CPCC
Wendy Hanson
Wendy Hanson, M.Ed., CPCC

At Corley Hanson our business is helping your business work better … at all levels … through a unique blend of customized:

  • Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilitating Meetings
  • Building Strong Teams

Whether you are planning a fundamental new business direction, creating change, trying to get employees to work more productively together Corley Hanson can help you make it happen.

Founded in 1999, clients range from large multi-national companies to small local businesses and non-profit organizations. Service is highly personalized and attuned to plans and programs which meet a clearly defined set of goals.

Some goals we have helped companies achieve are:

  • Restructuring departments
  • Setting up effective meeting structures
  • Building collaborative leadership teams

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